Autumn Flowers for Senior Gardening – From Fall Mums to Winter Pansies

As I wrote at SandwichINK, our autumn garden landscaping plans and designs for my senior mom's gardening projects have been cut in half due to her continuing to recuperate coupled with unexpected caregiving needs for another family member. 

We opted to skip the hydrangeas and hollies for this year, and the last sunflower blossom from the Sunflower House is withering on the stalk, but she is delighting in the lovely colors of her new fall mums and winter pansies! From rich browns, to deep violets, and even a hint of pink here and there, it's a gorgeous calvacade of color in our back yard and the Kentucky Northern Red Cardinal birds, squirrels, and bunny rabbits are enjoying them with her. 🙂

The Sunflower House is done for the year - but what delightful family memories it has provided


Senior gardening projects including an autumn garden full of fall mums and other flowers are great leisure activities for seniors that are also very healthy


These autumn flowers - fall and winter pansies - are a delight with colors ranging from a deep brown to a light pink


These lovely autumn flowers include fall and winter pansies like this gorgeous one with colors of yellow - bright violet - and a hint of pink

My senior mom and I can't wait to show off these pretty posies to the grandkids. They love to see the various gardening projects she is working on!

For more fun flowers and great landscaping designs, be sure to visit Fertilize and Flaunt Your Flowers Friday. And for all things pink-ly intriguing, head on over to Beverly's Pink Saturday. Lots of fun for all of us in the Sandwich Generation as we care for our own real estate while caring for elderly parents and grandkids and often even helping with THEIR real estate needs. 🙂




P.S. Beverly wrote to let us know that in October, all Pink Saturday posts are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  And, as she put it, she prays daily for a cure to all cancers! What an awesome goal. Over the course of my life, I've lost so many precious loved ones to a variety of cancers and am currently praying for several friends – near and far – who are dealing with this disease in one form or another.  So, to join with Pink Saturday's Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer (and all cancer) Awareness, I found this cute little frog from Trina's fun clipart to help us remember to pray for a cure for all cancers as we FROG: Fully Rely On God

For breast cancer or any other cancer or illness that impacts the Sandwich Generation - we choose to FROG - Fully Rely On God - knowing that He loves us so much

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16 comments on “Autumn Flowers for Senior Gardening – From Fall Mums to Winter Pansies

I love your pansies! They are such happy little flowers! Pretty mum too ♥
Have a great weekend!

Even if the flowers are starting to wither, they are still beautiful. Your pansies are gorgeous!..Christine

Hi Deb, Thanks 🙂 With my senior mom doing the gardening, they really are happy! 🙂

Hi Christine, Thank you 🙂 We are enjoying them as well, that’s for sure! 🙂

The mums and pansies are beautiful. I hope your mother’s recuperation keeps going smoothly! Such a cheery sunflower, too!

Hi Karen, Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks so much for visiting me this morning and the sweet comments. It’s taken me awhile to get to your site but it is beautiful. Love the flowers… I’m new at blogging….lol…Happy Pink Saturday.

Hi Donnie, Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Since am a senior and love flowers very much, I am joining you and your mother in the garden. I love your little birdie pink feature as well. So pleased you had time to drop by my place.


Thank you for sharing the lovely flowers today.They always make my day better…
Licks & Wags,

Hi Kaye, Thanks for visiting. Your pansies are so colorful and cheerful. Love the brilliant sunflower too. Have a wonderful week, Beth

Hi Niki, My granddog and I enjoyed visiting your site as well. 🙂

Hi LaVoice, Thanks – I enjoyed visiting at your site today too 🙂

Hi Beth, Thank you 🙂 We had such a delightful time with the Sunflower House this summer and it was so sweet to have one last one for the season. 🙂

Pretty pansy posies and sunflowers. I hope there will be a magic medicine that cures cancer soon.

Amen, Autumn Belle, AMEN!

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