Autumn Leaves and Fall Home Reminders for the Sandwich Generation Caring for Elderly Parents and Their Real Estate Needs

The Sandwich Generation caring for the elderly parents incuding their real estate needs often find themselves raking autumn leaves and helping with fall choresAt SandwichINK, I've been reveling in the joys of autumn – the fall foliage has been gorgeous this year! Not quite as vivid as last year, but many more reds. My senior mom, grandkids and I have all been enjoying it thoroughly.

Of course, with fall foliage comes fall leaves on the ground. Which means extra gardening chores like raking. Grandkids can be such a great help there. Mine had a blast helping my senior mom and me with raking the leaves and cleaning up the yard, getting things ready for the quickly approaching cold weather. 

My landlady sent me a great reminder about removing the hoses from the outside faucets and changing the filters for the heater. I really appreciated it as the Sandwich Generation issues keep me so busy, it's easy to forget those little things. And for our elderly senior parents, memory issues can make it easy to forget those things as well. So a cheery reminder note or phone call to them, along with an update of the latest goings-ons will bring a smiile to their face and help remind them of some of the more simple real estate needs they might have at this time of the year.