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This Brita 10 cup pitcher is a big hit for this Sandwich Generation caregiver who just moved into a new home.jpgI love water! Generally speaking, it tastes great and it's very healthy for us, as well as our senior parents AND our grandkids. But what happens if we move to a new home and don't like the taste of the water? I've gone through that with a couple of homes over the past two decades. And one of my sweet seniors has dealt with that as well.

My relative went the bottled water route. She loved the taste of it, found it quite handy, used the company for years. This time around, I gave Brita a try. I drink a lot of water, so I bought the 10 cup pitcher you see above. It's not perfect but I am very happy with it. It makes the water taste great again, removing the metallicy taste our water seems to have.  

My senior mom hasn't noticed any taste issues so she has been quite happy getting her water from the sink. If that changes, I told her I'd get her a smaller one since mine would be too heavy and big for her to handle easily. They have a 5-Cup Slim pitcher that should work just fine for her. 

When moving to a new home it is nice to have an easy Brita solution to at least one of our problems

There are enough challenges for the Sandwich Generation in normal times, even more when moving is added to the mix. It's nice to know that at least SOME of the new problems that may arise do have easy solutions, isn't it? 🙂 

How about you? Do you like your local water? If not, what solutions have you and your family come up with?