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As I wrote at SandwichINK, our autumn garden landscaping plans and designs for my senior mom's gardening projects have been cut in half due to her continuing to recuperate coupled with unexpected caregiving needs for another family member. 

We opted to skip the hydrangeas and hollies for this year, and the last sunflower blossom from the Sunflower House is withering on the stalk, but she is delighting in the lovely colors of her new fall mums and winter pansies! From rich browns, to deep violets, and even a hint of pink here and there, it's a gorgeous calvacade of color in our back yard and the Kentucky Northern Red Cardinal birds, squirrels, and bunny rabbits are enjoying them with her. 🙂

The Sunflower House is done for the year - but what delightful family memories it has provided


Senior gardening projects including an autumn garden full of fall mums and other flowers are great leisure activities for seniors that are also very healthy


These autumn flowers - fall and winter pansies - are a delight with colors ranging from a deep brown to a light pink


These lovely autumn flowers include fall and winter pansies like this gorgeous one with colors of yellow - bright violet - and a hint of pink

My senior mom and I can't wait to show off these pretty posies to the grandkids. They love to see the various gardening projects she is working on!

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P.S. Beverly wrote to let us know that in October, all Pink Saturday posts are dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.  And, as she put it, she prays daily for a cure to all cancers! What an awesome goal. Over the course of my life, I've lost so many precious loved ones to a variety of cancers and am currently praying for several friends – near and far – who are dealing with this disease in one form or another.  So, to join with Pink Saturday's Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer (and all cancer) Awareness, I found this cute little frog from Trina's fun clipart to help us remember to pray for a cure for all cancers as we FROG: Fully Rely On God

For breast cancer or any other cancer or illness that impacts the Sandwich Generation - we choose to FROG - Fully Rely On God - knowing that He loves us so much

I love these delightful garden mums - they are definitely one of my favorite autumn flowers

My senior mom has been feeling a bit down the last few days as she is busy recouping from minor surgery. I say minor, but really, the older we get, the harder it can be to bounce back from something like that.

As I was doing the dishes for her, enjoying the lovely view of her tasty vegetable garden and the Sunflower House, I was thinking of a way to perk her up and realized the answer was right there in front of me – in all her senior gardening projects. Even though she doesn't feel super spiffy, having her vegetables to water and nourish, along with enjoying sweet moments in the patio chair admiring the flowers, watching the Kentucky Northern Cardinal and other birds, along with bunnies, and butterflies, really encourages her. She was commenting the other day that we should do something after the last of the Sunflowers from the Sunflower House has been used to feed the cute critters

Pulling out her Month by Month Gardening book for Tennessee and Kentucky by Judy Lowe, we discovered there are several delightful options for gardening projects over the fall and winter. You should have seen the twinkle in my senior mom's eyes when she realized she could start some new gardening endeavors such as Autumn flowers in just a couple of weeks! After thinking through the choices we decided on:

This sweet pansy clipart reminds me that my senior mom is looking forward to her new autumn garden with fall mums winter pansies and other sweet flowers and berries

Winter Pansies – My mom loves these delightful flowers but has never tried them. According to Ms. Lowe's Timely Tips, we can "porch" them over the winter (using the "new insulated posts that mimic the look of terra cotta, move them to a protected place – maybe on a porch up against the house. Then plant pansies in them to provide beauty from fall all the way through spring.") Doesn't that sound like fun! It's certainly worth a try and she'll love this experiment.

Loving these lovely autumn flowers for senior gardening projects

Joining the pansies at the table will be Chrysanthemum Plants – I have to confess, planting these delightful fall mums will put a twinkle in my eyes as well, since they are my favorite Autumn flowers! The patio table is right up against the kitchen wall so she'll be able to enjoy these fall and winter treats each time she's at the sink!

In pots under the tree, we are going to plant a Pyracantha shrub and deciduous hollies, along with the Chinese Holly shrub (assuming, of course, we can track these down at the nursery). She loved that idea as she is looking forward to seeing her sweet Kentucky Northern Cardinal and other birds much away on the berries. 

The Climbing Hydrangea Vine produces the gorgeous "fall foliage color" we both love, plus we both just plain love Hydrangeas! Not only that, she recently read an article about a retiree who has planted hundreds of these climbing hydrangeas. We're going to put one or two over by our woodpile. They should look great over there and be a delightful addition to the landscaping designs!

She wants to wait on most of the plants for another couple of weeks, until her small raised beds vegetable garden is done for the year. But I did fall in love with some delightful pink and fall colored mums so I brought them home as a surprise. Boy, did she smile BIG. And even though she hasn't been feeling too perky, she perked up big time from that for a bit. She's got them all arranged the way she wants and is ready to start repotting the mums tomorrow if she feels up to it!

Loving these autumn flowers for senior gardening projects

As members of the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents, it's important to remember to watch out for their primary needs – proper temperature, plenty of water and nourishing food, a safe walking environment, etc.. It's also important, though, to make sure we nurture them emotionally and spiritually, especially when they are going through a rough patch, like recovering from a surgery. A simple hug, an extra phone call, some snail mail or maybe even a teddy bear if they live far away, or some delightful Autumn flowers – potted or cut, can all be spirit lifters for our senior parents AND for ourselves as we see their delighted smiles. There's a good reason Jesus told us,

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

These pink chrysanthemum plants are delightful for an autumn garden as well

I am so thankful that my senior mom is recuperating nicely, even though not as quickly as she'd like. I'm also quite thankful for all the wonderful flowers God has provided us with – at our home and throughout this beautiful world He has created. I'm joining up with Greg's General Store for Thankful Thursday and invite you to pop over there and be encouraged, as well.

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