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Join Kaye Swain of the Sandwich Generation at the biggest blog party around - the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 at 5 Minutes For Mom -datesWelcome to the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 at SandwichINK Real Estate Info for the Sandwich Generation. While you munch on some yummy apple pie (my senior mom's fave)…

Apple pies are a favorite in my Sandwich Generation family

and drink some sparkling apple cider (my grandkids' fave)….

My grandkids love apple cider - its a fave for our Sandwich Generation family

…I'd like to tell you a bit about this site.

Here at SandwichINK Real Estate Info we explore the different real estate and housing needs that so many of us who are caring for aging parents may have to deal with such as:

  • helping our elderly parents sell their homes
  • exploring different housing options for them – whether moving in with us, downsizing to a smaller house, moving into a senior facility, etc.
  • helping our senior parents maintain their home safely – for themselves and others who visit them
  • practical ideas for combining households, including those with children living there or visiting often
  • assisting our senior parents to continue to enjoy hobbies like gardening activities – which helps maintain their homes value while keeping their spirits up
  • making "aging in place" a positive reality for our senior parents
  • and more!

At SandwichINK, my primary site, you can find even more useful resources, ideas, tips, and encouragement to help you as you join in the journey of caring for elderly parents – especially when you are taking care of your own kids or helping with the grandkids. In the right corner, you'll see a list of current article titles. Right now, SandwichINK is also participating in this fun Blog Party, complete with the party favors, so be sure to visit there next by clicking HERE.

I hope you enjoyed the tasty treats and I want to thank you so much for visiting SandwichINK Real Estate Info for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013. Have a WONDERFUL time at the Ultimate Blog Party 2013 and a terrific SPRING!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013