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One of the things we learn in life and in the Bible is that there ARE perks to getting older. Gaining more wisdom can be one of those. A couple of years ago, after a surgery, an elderly friend of mine was NOT happy with my suggestion of a stool in the shower like this one I saw while previewing homes in this week.. She tolerated it as long as she was recuperating but couldn't wait to get it out of the tub. Part of the problem was that hers was in a bathtub which made it a bit more tricky to navigate. Part of it was hating to admit she needed it. It wasn't, dare I say it, "Cool." 

Aging in Place shower in a gorgeous condo is a good reminder of the Word of God Acquire Wisdom .jpg

The last time we discussed this subject though, I was happy to hear she had modified her stance and realized how useful they can be in tubs OR showers! It's definitely much safer in case of a dizzy spell, a bit of wobbliness, or just to take a rest and enjoy the soothing water in the midst of a shower.

I just wish more houses had showers or tubs big enough to make a stool more convenient. OR came with built-in shower seats. They come in handy for so many reasons including visiting grandkids and broken ankles. And they're especially helpful for all of our beloveds with any kind of health issue – be they elderly or not. 

For now though, I'll be grateful for my senior friend's taking the advice of the Bible to "Acquire Wisdom," and hope and pray daily for wisdom for myself and my senior mom as well as we navigate this season of life. If I have to choose (and you have no idea how much it pains us baby boomers to admit this) I'd much rather be on the safe side as opposed to the cool side. How about you?

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