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Cool deer, don't you think? What makes it even cooler – IT'S REAL! Two of my grandkids were out looking at homes to buy or rent and all of a sudden, my granddaughter excitedly said, "LOOK, there's a deer by that house!" 

Grandparents and grandchildren in our Sandwich Generation families can all be blessed by these encouraging Bible verses

Our heads swiveled and we spotted the back half, but assumed it was a statue. But I turned the car around, went back, and we were thrilled to discover he was as real as real could be! 

We were all a bit tired at this point, but seeing that deer, meandering through the houses (several), enjoying his salad of flowers and leaves, just perked us up tremendously (which reminded me of this Scripture).

I couldn't wait to tell my senior mom about him. In spite of her ongoing garden "battles" with the squirrels, she thought a deer in the garden was quite delightful, as well. What do you think? 🙂