Encouraging Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation, Caring for Elderly Parents and Their Real Estate Needs

I loved this verse from Proverbs 5:21. It's perfect for the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents – including their real estate needs.

It's vital for us to remember that God is always watching over us, examining our paths, and encouraging us to "live in such a way that you are a credit to the Message of Christ."  (Phil 1:27 MESS)

The Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and helping with grandkids needs to examine their phsyical paths AND their spiritual paths

 A man's ways are in full view of the Lord

and He examines all his paths.

It's also important for us, as elder caregivers and granny nannies and pappies, to make sure the physical pathways of our home and those of our senior parents, are safe for all ages to walk on.

If their concrete is jagged, like above, or there are areas where it's pretty much gone (see below), it's important to either fix it, or find a safer walking area for them elsewhere. Walking canes (they make some sharp looking ones for both men and women 🙂 ) can also be helpful, as can a helping arm. 🙂

Also, make sure all the cute toys of the grandkids are safely stowed so great-grandpa or grandma doesn't accidentally trip on them. (Though in my house, my senior mom is way more observant than I am, so it's more likely this Baby Boomer will do the tripping. 🙂  ).

This cute Webkinz spotted FROG reminds us to fully rely on God AND to put all the grandkids Webkinz stuffed animals and other toys away so grandparents do not trip on them

For more encouraging photos and Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation, caring for grandkids and elderly parents and their real estate needs, be sure to visit Word-Filled Wednesday at Internet Cafe Devotions. And…



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16 comments on “Encouraging Bible Verses for the Sandwich Generation, Caring for Elderly Parents and Their Real Estate Needs

The verse is great and the info regarding people my age and older. There are times I could use a cane. I will have to check out Walmart. Thanks, you have a great calling to help people who have elderly parents or others in their families that need help.

Hi Kaye, I couldn’t get your link for your other site from this weeks WFW linky to work. Just thought I’d let you know. You might want to repost, if it looks like others are having the same problem.
Have a wonderful week, full of blessings!

Hi Whidbey Woman, Thanks for the heads up. It seems to be ok for now. If you get over there again and notice it again, I’d love to hear but for now I think it’s ok. It’s been a weird morning with all sorts of computer issues – on my end and, I think maybe, on their end. Maybe it’s sun spots acting up 🙂 I do appreciate your letting me know. And you have a great week as well – coated in prayer. 🙂

Hi From the Heart, thank you so much. That is so encouraging to hear. 🙂 Have a blessed week! 🙂

Hi Denise, thank you 🙂

Hi Joelle, Thank you for visiting. 🙂


Very nice thought. God’s Word is amazing!

What a wonderful verse Kaye and what practical information too! This past week we attended a wedding and my father in law is struggling with his eyesight. I noticed for the first time how dependent he was on “clear pathways” to make his steps certain. What a timely reminder…What a blessing you are to so many!


What a powerful verse and truth!!

Have a blessed day♥

Good spotting Lori! Another thing that can help is watching the lighting and also the colors of carpets on floors. Has he been to an eye doctor recently. My senior mom had to have cataract surgery a couple of years ago. It made a wonderful difference. My senior dad, though, was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. No surgery, but knowing about it helped us to help him a bit. 🙂

Thank you Susan, you as well! 🙂


Great pictures to go with the verse. It’s a real visual! And thanks for sharing the information on earthly pathways for our elderly parents. I will keep it in mind.

Thanks for visiting my place! I hope you have a wonderful joy-filled day! Blessings to you!

Hi Donna, Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you for these great reminders. There is always someone that is need of our help. I appreciate your comment and visit.

Hi LaVoice, Thanks for popping over. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your site as well. 🙂

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