Not All Toilet Paper Holders Are Created Equally

This toilet paper roll holder is in the wrong spot for my elderly mom to reach easily.jpgMy senior mom has been dealing with a painful arm for the last few months. Arthritis, bursitis, pain-itis! 🙂 She is now able to do gentle stretches and we're hoping to add swimming pool "therapy" (walking in a nicely warm pool) soon, both of which should help quite a bit. 

It can be hard as we boomers and seniors age, since our bodies can't always do what they used to and definitely can't always do what our minds are sure they should be able to do! But what a blessing when we can find tools that help us – or our senior parents – deal with the aches and pains of a more limited mobility.

This stylish toilet paper holder looks really nice. It's a lovely addition to any home's decor. We first discovered these types of holders when we remodeled a small bathroom and decided to add this instead of the traditional attached toilet paper roller to make better use of small space.

I remembered it last week when my mom was commenting how hard it was for her to get the toilet paper because of her sore arm. I immediately headed to the store (Target) to pick up this particular TP holder and we placed it in front and just a bit to the opposite side of her current roll holder. 

The arm goes up and the extra tp for my senior mom fits nicely below the current roll.jpg

She loves it! It allows her to more easily use her good arm and makes what was a painful job much more pleasant! And since it's easily portable, it can go with us to our new home someday, if and when we ever move. For that matter, if we go a'visiting by car, we could easily take this with us, just in case. 

Don't you love it when something that is bothering our senior parents turns out to have such an easy fix? I wish everything in life was so simple, don't you? 

This toilet paper holder might be even easier for an elderly senior to use

P.S. I happened to check on this at Amazon as well, and they have one that looks to be even easier to use and was less expensive. We needed ours quickly, so I'm glad I got it, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for future use!

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8 comments on “Not All Toilet Paper Holders Are Created Equally

How wonderful that you were able to find something so simple that could be so helpful for your Mom! Little things can make such a huge difference in the quality of life.

I love that you figured out a fix when it would have been so easy just to ask her to make do with what you'd always done. A good reminder for all kinds of situations.

Here from the Grand Social and I just HAD to read this post!!  As we get older we realize the little things we take for granted aren't really so little, and TP is definitely one of those little things. Thanks for sharing the options and tips.  BB2U

Great idea and so thoughtful. I know your mom appreciated it. I love your blog and will be linking up. Would love it if you would visit me and do the same! Blessings to you and your mom!



Thanks Teresa, I appreciate that. Looking forward to visiting more. 🙂 

You are so right BB! 🙂 Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Thanks Carol. We love finding those little ways that make life easier for young or old. 🙂 

Thanks KC – and the grand thing is that she’s still using it happily 🙂 Merry Christmas! 🙂 

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