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It is snow important for the Sandwich Generation to take good care of our aging parents all year - especially in the snowy season of winterCaring for aging parents' housing and real estate needs? Are they, and you, prepared for winter cold and snow? In case caregiving and Christmas have kept you as busy as me, here are some more quick reminders for both of us:

  1. If you are in an area that could have power outages, make sure you all have plenty of batteries and simple-to-use flashlights or other battery-operated lamps easily accessible. And doublecheck that they are ones your aging parents can easily turn off and on. We had to exchange one flashlight a while back because the buttons were just too hard for my senior mom to operate
  2. If you or your senior parents have a wood-stove or fireplace AND they are able to operate it safely, make sure that there is a good stock of firewood, fire starters, and matches easily accessible.
  3. If the garage is attached to your house, you might want to bring the trash can into the garage (make sure it's fairly clean) so your senior parents don't have to go outside to throw trash away. I've slipped and fallen every year when taking the trash out because it didn't "look" icy. If that had been my senior mom, I shudder to think what she might have broken! If you can't put the container in a garage, perhaps you could move the trash can right next to the back or front door so they don't actually have to go outside.
  4. If you live with your elderly parents and have to travel in the winter, it might be wise to ask a wonderful neighbor to pick up their mail and newspaper and bring it to the door for your senior parent. If that's not an option (perhaps the neighbors are the same age as you senior parents/) you can also have your mail held till you return. Then your parent won't worry about the mail and go out and get it when it's not quite safe.  You can also have the newspaper held – or perhaps contact the paper deliverer directly and offer a large tip to have it taken right to the door.

Simple suggestions, I know. But easy to forget. How about you? Do you have any suggestions to make winter weather a safer time at home for our aging parents? 


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Baby Boomer News For Boomers and our beloved seniors

For all of us in the Baby Boomer and Senior Citizen Generation caring for the real estate needs of our elderly parents – some real estate news articles of interest:

South Florida senior communities serve two generations – Interesting article about the pros and cons of the economy forcing many 80 and 90 year olds to stay put at their retirement community as 50 and 60 year olds are considering moving in. "With prices bottomed out and plenty of vacant units, senior communities throughout South Florida are facing dual challenges of serving their oldest residents and luring in younger retirees to stay afloat."

Senior citizens need special help selling their homes  – Good explanation of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation that Realtors can get after taking a course offered by the National Association of Realtors and why a real estate agent who specializes in that can be extra helpful to our senior parents. 

WOOHOO! Pemberton senior citizen earns college degree – She's a real estate agent who is just got her A.A. and is now working on a B.A. in Social Services! I just got my A.A. in real estate a few years ago – about the same time I turned the big 5-0. It's always a thrill to hear I have lots of company. And think of all the great brain exercise we are all getting when we study (or blog)! Very important! 

Real-Estate Nightmare Looms for Retirees – Speaking of lots of company, our multigenerational family has plenty of that as well. "One option to consider if you plan to age in place is something that was commonplace years ago: multigenerational living. AARP and Pew Research Center recently reported that growth of multigenerational households has accelerated during the economic downturn."

Definitely some interesting news for boomers and seniors caring for the real estate needs of our elderly parents!