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Fast Forward to the Past

I-enjoyed-watching-a-new-show-preview-in-Roseville-CaliforniaTelevision. For so many of our beloved elderly seniors, it's a lifeline to the outside world. It's also becoming more and more of a challenge for many of them to actually use the TV. It's definitely a necessary aging in place option! What's a caregiver to do?

My senior mom and I just recently switched to Comcast. So far it seems to be meeting our needs, but we definitely had to make some major changes to help my mom with it. We had managed to stave off massive technology changes for one extra year by having the fairly simple DVR she had been used to for four years. But lately, I've noticed she rarely watched the shows that were taped for her, preferring instead to just punch the channel up/channel down button on her remote control to look at what shows were actually on.

Because of that, I felt that the change to Comcast might work OK. We opted for a smart box for myself with the DVR and all the controls. 

The main Comcast Xfinity box for this blue jean baby boomer

We then went with a tiny little box (a DTA, I think) for my senior mom that gives her TV just the channels.

Much tinier option for my elderly senior mom

No confusing menus or directions. Her current remote control does have several buttons she can't use, but so did her last one. As I explained it to her, she just needs to think back to when she first started using TV and just had the basic TV channels and she can either scroll through with channel up and down, or punch in the channel number she wants.

Aging In Place Options For Those TV Challenges

Even better, I found out that Comcast also has an accessibility department with several items to help anyone with any kind of special needs, including our elderly parents. AND not all employees are aware of all it offers. I had specifically asked a couple of different people if they offered a big button remote like our last wonderful company and was told no. Later though, when exploring their site, I found they DO offer one and I immediately went online to request one, along with print-outs of the channel line-up. They provide the big button remote at no charge.

Senior friendly Big button remote can help with aging in place needs via Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR and blogging social media specialist

As it turned out, they sent a couple of options and my senior mom preferred a smaller remote that was almost identical to her old one which helped her figure it out easier. If she starts having trouble with that one, I discovered this option at Amazon that looks even easier, because there are fewer buttons.

This flipper looks even easier for my elderly mom and her aging in place needs in Roseville CA

This could definitely be worth trying for aging parents with memory issues, I am thinking. 

In addition, by my having the bigger Xfinity box, we also have access to shows on our iPhone and iPad with their Xfinity apps. So when my senior mom is in another room and wants to watch TV, I can easily take it to her to watch on her iPad. This will be handy when she feels up to walking on the treadmill or is working in the kitchen. Plus, we've got her older TV and VCR with tons of good old family movies and sweet romance musicals never to be forgotten for her to enjoy from years gone by. (The grandkids and she had a lovely time watching part of The Sound of Music together on it recently.)

The Sound of Music is one of those good old family movies and romance musicals my family loves

The constantly advancing tech changes that have impacted TV, cell phones, etc., can make it more challenging for our senior parents. But, once again, thinking outside the box can help them with their aging in place needs, including keeping current with the local news or enjoying fun old movies of days of yore.  

P.S. Click here for more senior friendly options AND good old family movies and musicals.

SandwichINK Real Estate Information - Page 5 of 57 - Real Estate Info and News for Boomers, Seniors, and Other Multigenerational Caregivers

Invacare Bathtub Transfer Bench for Aging in Place assistanceAging in Place. It can definitely be a challenge to find a home with most of your priorities available for aging in place in generation. If you're house hunting house hunting in a hurry, due to relocation issues, it's even harder!

The latest bump in the road for one of my beloveds? All the houses she looked at were single story, many had one or zero step entry, and all the yards were easy care. But most of the available homes that would work best had bathtubs only – no separate shower stalls.

Tubs can often be more difficult for our aging seniors, particularly those with range of motion, knee, or hip issues!

After much thought and prayer, she did opt for a lovely home that had everything else on her Aging in Place wish list but did only have tubs. She knew from past experience she could use a grab bar and, if necessary, a bathtub transfer bench (like the photo above) to help her get in and out of the bathtub if the need arose. Amazon does have several great ones to choose from, though if you have a medical supply store locally, I would start there. That way, if it turns out to not fit in your tub, or not work well for your senior parent, you can easily return it.

Because her time was limited, her options were also limited. That's true for many of us boomers and seniors – for ourselves and for our beloved senior parents and relatives we are caring for. But making a priority list first and keeping it at the forefront of our minds can definitely help us when searching for homes for sale or rent that have good aging in place options we need and want.

One thing to remember to check for specifically is 55+ communities. They frequently offer most, if not all, of these items. Here in Roseville CA, we have The Club at Westpark by Del Webb and Sun City Roseville as well as Sun City Lincoln nearby along with a couple of other senior home communities. Do doublecheck, though, as even some of those homes may not be as user friendly as others. And make sure your REALTOR searches for these types of homes specifically AND by map, as not all agents remember to add the community name to the MLS search list. If it's not there, it will take a map search to find them. Of course, if you are starting your search in Roseville CA, I'd love to help you with it. 🙂 

Also, I recently found a cool list from a home inspection company of aging in place options to look for. Very practical! I've pinned it to my Aging in Place Options pinterest board! Do check it out and let me know what you think of their ideas. 

P.S. Happy Pink Saturday – full of cute home decor ideas with plenty of boomers seniors and multigenerational caregivers visiting.