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Lovely rhododendrons for Kaye Swain and her elderly senior parent moving to Roseville CaliforniaMy senior mom and I enjoyed our first walk in AGES! The weather and her achy back had kept us in quite a bit the last couple of weeks. we had a delightful time and were thrilled to discover several blooming flowers and budded trees for me to share with you here! SIGNS OF SPRING! HOORAY! 🙂

While walking, I had fun telling her about some of the homes I visited this week, especially those with aging-in-place options that could benefit her or her compadres. My two favorites were both what I like to call "fab 50s" as they were built in the 1950s. 

One was a cozy Craftsman-style bungalow. Easy to maintain, close to restaurants and stores, yet it gave me such a sense of peace and quiet. A grand retreat in the midst of a busy high-tech world. Like many old homes built in the 1940s and 1950s, you can find awesome and original hardwood floors under some of the carpets. Since it's single story with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, it could be a good option for senior parents who want to move closer to family or friends and don't want a lot of upkeep. Plus it has a large garage/shop with shelves, pegboards and workbench – and I do believe that's a hint of spring with purple flowers in the window? Maybe? 🙂

this garage gives extra storage and a hint of spring out its window via Kaye Swain REALTOR who is moving to Roseville CA

I appreciated that the shower offers a seat which is such a big help for older seniors! This home would have been perfect for the relocating parents of one of my friends, if only it was located two states over. 🙂

Pretty in a pink pre-spring to welcome us via REALTOR Kaye Swain who is moving to Placer County CA

The other home was also from the 50s but much bigger. With 4 bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms, and 2328 square feet, it's a lovely home with plenty of multigenerational possiblities. With 2 bedrooms and a bath upstairs, and 2 bedrooms, 3/4 bath, and an office/workroom downstairs, it could easily accomodate an older child moving back home for a time (perhaps with a family). Or if your elderly parents needed extra help and were to move in, they could take the top floor and you could have the downstairs – giving you all the closeness and help that is needed, but still offering that oh-so-vital, yet often not available sense of privacy while living together. 

Both homes offered plenty of space for gardening delights for all ages. While not all enjoy gardening, it can be such a great source of exercise for body and mind for all ages. My senior mom is thrilled to see buds popping out on the trees around us and counting the seconds til she can get out her wagons and garden pots, go shopping for seeds, and start digging in the ground.

One of the things we've learned through the years of working together to help my dad, babysit the grandkids, and now care for my mom is to "think outside the box" when juggling all the multigenerational issues. And that includes when you are looking to buy a new home for yourself or your senior parents. These are just some of the many things I look for when I am house hunting for my mom and me. What do you look for? 🙂

P.S. Happy Pink Saturday! AND every day is Happy Grandparents Day around here. 🙂 

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One of the things we learn in life and in the Bible is that there ARE perks to getting older. Gaining more wisdom can be one of those. A couple of years ago, after a surgery, an elderly friend of mine was NOT happy with my suggestion of a stool in the shower like this one I saw while previewing homes in this week.. She tolerated it as long as she was recuperating but couldn't wait to get it out of the tub. Part of the problem was that hers was in a bathtub which made it a bit more tricky to navigate. Part of it was hating to admit she needed it. It wasn't, dare I say it, "Cool." 

Aging in Place shower in a gorgeous condo is a good reminder of the Word of God Acquire Wisdom .jpg

The last time we discussed this subject though, I was happy to hear she had modified her stance and realized how useful they can be in tubs OR showers! It's definitely much safer in case of a dizzy spell, a bit of wobbliness, or just to take a rest and enjoy the soothing water in the midst of a shower.

I just wish more houses had showers or tubs big enough to make a stool more convenient. OR came with built-in shower seats. They come in handy for so many reasons including visiting grandkids and broken ankles. And they're especially helpful for all of our beloveds with any kind of health issue – be they elderly or not. 

For now though, I'll be grateful for my senior friend's taking the advice of the Bible to "Acquire Wisdom," and hope and pray daily for wisdom for myself and my senior mom as well as we navigate this season of life. If I have to choose (and you have no idea how much it pains us baby boomers to admit this) I'd much rather be on the safe side as opposed to the cool side. How about you?

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