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Grab bars are grand aging in place options that are useful for ALL ages - universal designREDday 2014 has come and gone. A day when my fellow Keller Williams real estate agents and brokers have the blessing of helping others in our local communities. It was a grand and exhilarating experience. I was especially touched to be a part of giving a no-longer-used nursing home a new lease on life. We worked hard to help transform it into a soon-to-open home for at-risk teens

I am so grateful none of my grandkids have need of that. However, I know some may have friends or friends of friends who might be blessed to hear of this option and I have already passed that info on to a couple of different people. What a vital ministry!

As I cleaned bathrooms and painted bedrooms, I noticed the grab bars in each bathroom and smiled to see them. As you probably have noticed, I'm a big fan of Universal Design including grabbers in every bathroom and this is one place that will definitely have that! 🙂

And speaking of aging in place options, another favorite of mine is a bathroom and bedroom on the main floor so our elderly parents don't have to deal with stairs if they are living with us.  One important thing I've learned is that when you search the MLS here, it pays to search specifically for 3/4 as part of the bathroom equation. If it's a two story home and includes a 3/4 bath – i.e. 1 and 3/4 bath – there is a good chance that home has a shower on the main floor. And if there is also a bedroom or den on the main floor, that could be used as a bedroom, giving you a good option for your elderly parent.  Another good option can be a home with a master suite on the main floor. Yes, it can be hard to give up that master bedroom but it can allow them to be on the first floor, give them a little "mini-apartment," and provide them and you with some much needed privacy at times. 

I did a homes for sale search for homes with 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bathrooms and a master on the main which turned up 776. Of those, 53 are listed as disabled access. And if I remove the master on the main, there are 73 homes listed with disabled access. And for the broad search of 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bathroom – there are 2,115 homes. 

If I narrow it down to my neck of the woods, there are 21 disabled access homes, 234 homes with a master on the main,  and 640 homes listed with 3 bed and 1.75 bath. 

It's always nice to have lots of choices, isn't it? If you are caring for the elderly parents or relatives in your family and are interested in moving this type of search could turn up some good options for you. Be sure to link up with a REALTOR® who specializes in boomers and seniors and knows the various ways to search their MLS for these types of specialized options.

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P.S.I'd love to help you with your real estate needs. Even if you live outside this area, I'd be glad to help you find a Real Estate specialist to help you with your specific aging in place and eldercare-home-friendly needs. Just "call Kaye" at 657-229-5293 or send me an email to   🙂

Kaye Swain Keller Williams REALTOR who is moving to Roseville CaliforniaHello and HAPPY ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2014 – otherwise known as #UBP14. I'm Kaye Swain, caregiver, grandmother, and REALTOR® and this is my website to share real estate information, resources, and assistance for fellow boomers and seniors dealing with the various issues that come with this season of life. Things like:

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As you might imagine, my primary specialty as a REALTOR® is boomers and seniors – helping them with their own real estate needs or as they help their elderly parents. With plenty of years of personal and practical experience, excellent connections I've made over the past five + years of blogging about the topic, and a grand resources associated with my Keller Williams Realty office, I can help real estate clients locally and long distance – helping you find a local agent who is also extremely experienced in this field. 

Some of the articles that you might enjoy include:

My first blog, SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation, focuses on Christian encouragement, fun games and easy crafts for kids and grandkids, and medical tips and practical deas to help the elderly parents and relatives we love and care for.

Together, they provide you with a wealth of information and resources for those moments, many times unexpected, when your life turns upside down due to a beloved senior heading for the hospital, or that phone call from an elderly parent where they explain it's time to downsize and they need help. 

It's a serious subject, but I strive to keep both sites on the upbeat and postive side, as we navigate together through this challenging but rewarding season of life. So you'll find plenty of fun and funny goodies, blog party delights, and more.

And speaking of blog parties, this is the BIG ONE for the year, isn't it? Would you believe it, I've been in FIVE of them with SandwichINK and I think this is the second time for SandwichINK Real Estate Info. They're always fun and a great way to meet other bloggers with similar interests. I try to spotlight fellow grandparents, boomers, and seniors who join in the fun so be sure to leave a comment no matter what BUT maybe capitalize it if that includes you. 

And since a party should always include some fun treats, here are some cute spring, Easter and Mother's Day tags that make for easy crafts for all ages – from our kids and grandkids to ourselves and all the way up to our beloved seniors + two coloring page tags. Enjoy! 

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