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If you need to relocate to a new area or are now starting to help an aging parent in a different area from where you live, the local newspaper can be a big help to you!

Many newspapers provide newspaper subscriptions via mail so that you can stay abreast on what is happening in the area. From crime alerts to the classifieds for ads to help with house hunting or apartment hunting to fun activities for aging parents, you will find plenty of useful information for your needs. Unfortunately, the cost can be somewhat steep due to postage, but often it’s well worth it.

Another thing to check on is whether they offer an annual supplemental magazine about their area. All three of my last cities have published one of these and they are worth their weight in gold!

These little supplements have all sorts of interesting information about the various cities in the immediate area. They often provide population numbers and breakdowns, the names of the schools in the area, give descriptions of the various businesses, churches, and health systems. They provide details on the different art activities, fun attractions, and health systems as well.

When I moved from one coast to the other, I called the local newspaper in the new area. I talked to a very sweet gentleman who confirmed they did publish that and he was able to find me one of the last ones available and mailed it to me. What a blessing that was to us as we were trying to learn everything we could about the new city we would soon relocate to.

Two of the newspapers I’ve subscribed to published their supplements in January. Our new paper just published theirs in October. I would call the local newspaper first, and if they don’t have any more, call the local library. The library probably won’t be able to mail it to you, but perhaps you could pop in and make some photocopies when you are out house hunting or visiting your aging parents.

To find the name and phone number of the local newspaper, you can check SandwichINK’s article, 16 Newspaper, Radio and TV Sites for the Sandwich Generation. Another option is to go to Google and type in the name of the city and state, the word AND in capital letters, then type the name of the newspaper. For instance – for Louisville Kentucky, type: Louisville, KY AND newspaper. Sure enough, the first thing that popped up was the Louisville Courier Journal. 🙂 If you need more help finding a newspaper, you can also go to RefDesk. They have a wonderful page with links to newspapers for the whole world! Refdesk is such a great resource.

These little supplements provide a wealth of information that is very useful for all and particularly for those of us in the Sandwich Generation who are also looking to relocate and interested in renting or buying property.