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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny highly recommends grab bars for the bathroom and throughout the house - for all agesGrab bars for the bathroom and throughout the house! A favorite caregiver tool for my house! I have had them installed as "towel racks" in my last home, plus had them by the toilet AND shower in the house before that. They look just fine (I think) and I didn't have to worry if my senior mom OR grandkids slipped, started to fall and grabbed the towel rack. I knew those grab bars were sturdy and strong.

According to Dulles Glass and Mirror, they are made to withstand 350 pounds of weight. I was reminded of them this week while listening to a safety lecture. The teacher pointed out that, generally speaking, a towel rack is installed in drywall with short screws while grab bars for the bathroom  or other rooms are installed into solid wood studs with very long screws. 

Caring for the elderly parents and living in a rental - suction grab bars can be a great resource for the Sandwich GenerationWe currently live in a rental and are using suction grab bars. They are definitely NOT as safe as a fully installed one, but can be a good option for renters. You do have to monitor them regularly. At least 2-3 times over the last three years, my senior mom and I have heard a strange ker-thunk! The first couple of times it really made us jump and took us quite a while to figure out the cause of the sound. Now, the first place we check is the bathroom and sure enough, the grab bars fell into the tub. So they do have their limits. BUT since installing grab bars in this bathroom isn't an option for us, we are happy to have them. When I put them up and flip the two little latches down and tug, the bar does stay put. Not perfect, but not bad!

Whether you go with the installed or the suction grab bars in your bathroom, and perhaps in other rooms of the house, you'll be glad you did if ever someone starts to slip in the bathroom. And if they don't, you'll still be glad to know that you were prepared. Always a good thing for Boy Scouts and Sandwich Generation caregivers! 🙂