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Delightful summer storms to cool us off and add a bit of exhilaration to our Sandwich Generation days! 🙂 As I wrote at SandwichINK, the Sunflower House, and our house, have enjoyed some summer wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. I had fun snapping a ton of photos of all the goings on and was particularly intrigued with one very adventurous little honey bee.

These bees were determined to hang on and these flowers were determined to survive no matter how windy it was

At first, I thought he was just very tenacious. But after watching him a bit, I'm more inclined to think he was having a blast "windsurfing" in my giant Mammoth Sunflower!

This wind-surfing little honey bee is great for landscaping designs as he helps pollinate the various plants sweetly

I, of course, am thrilled because honey bees are great for our landscaping designs, thanks to their wonderful pollinating plans. And the Sunflower House has definitely proven to be good at attracting bees lately.

Looking for flowers for bees and butterflies to add to your delighful landscaping designs - think sunflowers

But mostly, I just had fun snapping his cute little picture with my easy to use digital camera so I can share the sights with my grandchildren and all of you! 🙂  Speaking of pictures, be sure to visit Sweet Shot Tuesday, as well, for more delightful and intriguing photos! And, don't forget to…