Did you know that Twitter is an excellent resource for those involved in or interested in property investments. I have been active on Twitter for several months. As you may guess, based on SandwichINK, I have several interesting “Tweeple” I regularly read who write about all things caregiving. But I also have many who write about real estate.

From real estate agents to real estate investors to real estate blog-geeks, there are plenty on Twitter with great ideas and info. When I searched Twellow, the Yellow Pages for Twitter, the key words “real estate” show over 25,000 listings! Most of the ones I follow are in the real estate business and I find plenty of useful items of interest, even for those of us who aren’t real estate agents. I’ve learned great marketing tips, encouraging real estate info, and home staging ideas from different tweeps. Here are just a few of the ones I’m following and enjoying:

@BlogBoy2 – The infotech for Sugar Pine Realty in Sonora frequently has fascinating bits of info.

@PChaney – A social media expert who writes on a wide variety of issues, including real estate. I’ve enjoyed his real estate book, Realty Blogging: Build Your Brand and Out-Smart Your Competition, as well.

@nik_nik – Her site is an excellent real estate technology knowledge base and her tweets show that.

@realtors – As you can imagine, the National Association for Realtors (NAR) tweets plenty of interesting links on real estate, including a great article on the 2009 first time home buyer tax credit. That’s a great article to pass on to our adult kids and grandkids!

@TerriMurphy – Author of the real estate agent’s book, Terri Murphy’s E-Listing and E-Selling Secrets: For the Technologically “Clueless,” which I have and enjoyed, she posts about marketing in a wide variety of areas

@RemaxFoothills – a real estate company from South Carolina with some real estate tweets of interest.

@StagingFlorida – A home stager with  interesting links and info primarily centered around staging your home for sale. I’m a big beliver that home staging can help sell a home fast, so I’m always on the lookout for new tips in that area.

@Aging_In_Place – And last, but not least, one of my caregiving Tweeple who shares my real estate interests. His site is an excellent resource for helping you help your aging parents stay in their own home, or be more comfortable and safe in your home.

This is just a handful of all the great real estate tweeters out there. I’ll keep my eyes open and add to this list down the road. In the meantime, enjoy their tweets, and do follow me as well.   🙂    @SandwichINK.  I write about real estate, caregiving, and other items of interest from the multi-generational perspective as a member of the Sandwich Generation of caregivers, grandparents, and more.

Whether we or our aging parents live in the homes we own or use them as rental properties, it’s always wise to think of them as the investments they are. That means keeping up with maintenance repairs, painting and carpeting them when necessary, and making sure the landscaping designs stay looking neat and nice. That way, if caregiving needs require an unexpected change, you’ll hopefully be able to rent or sell your home fast and easy. It’s always easier to find house buyers for a well-cared-for property than for one that is looking rather unkempt.

One simple and fairly inexpensive way to add to the good looks of your landscaping designs, while making them easier to mow, is to add concrete curbing.

In my hometown, there are several companies that provide this service. You can hire them to come out and pour a variety of unique and interesting concrete curbing designs around your flowerbeds and trees. You can choose circles, squares, or other geometric designs. With a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and materials, your landscaping designs are sure to be complemented by whatever choices you make.

It really makes your yard look “snappy,” to quote my senior mom. I love the way it outlines and delineates the different areas around the house. It also makes the yard look so much neater after it’s been mowed.

I chose wide curbing with my grandkids in mind and they loved it. It was as much fun as the balance beam in my granddaughter’s gymnastics class. They thoroughly enjoyed taking turns walking on it all around the yard. Who knew such a great investment could also be so much fun!

I have two money saver tips for this project:

  1. Check the homeowner’s coupon books that come to the house periodically. They frequently have discount coupons for these concrete curbing companies.
  2. Talk to all your neighbors and find out if anyone else wants this done. Some companies will offer a discount for a multi-house order. One of my neighbors and I joined together, got lovely curbing in our front and back yards, and enjoyed a better price as a result.

Concrete curbing is an inexpensive way to enhance the landscaping designs of the house. With some special planning by Sandwich Generation caregivers, it can even add to the playtime fun for visiting grandkids.Those are the kind of win-win experiences I love!