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Bay Alarm Medical provides medical alert jewelry for elderly seniors and is giving away bottles to help prevent dehydrationAGING IN PLACE SAFETY

When we think of safety for our elderly parents who are aging in place, we usually think in terms of falling accidents, break-in safety, and memory issue dangers including getting lost even in their own neighborhood because they can't remember how to get home. Those are all vital concerns and a big reason my own senior mom wears an "alert pendant" that notifies a monitoring agency if she falls, or if she calls for help.

I highly recommend those alarm pendants! There are several good companies available to pick from. Of course, just as with anything else, be sure to do your due diligence – call or check online the BBB (Better Business Bureau), ask friends and relatives for recommendations, research them online, etc. I recently found out that a familiar-to-me alarm company also offers medical alerts which was NEW info to me. Bay Alarm Medical even offers the "fall alert" that I think can be very valuable.


I made this discovery about Bay Alarm Medical when they contacted me and told me about their fun summer propmotion focusing on a totally different safety issue for our senior parents. Dehydration. I've written about that before at SandwichINK but it's definitely one of those issues we need to be reminded of each summer! 

I've noticed that two of the sweet seniors in my life both need to be reminded periodically to drink more water. With one, I can tell when she really needs water! She starts talking and her words sound funky – like her tongue is not cooperating. I finally realized that is how she sounds after a surgery or other procedure that requires little or no water for a prolonged period due to the medication. And it really concerns me that she can start sounding like that fairly quickly, which tells me her water needs are getting stronger. Which, as it turns out, its quite normal for many elderly adults. 

Even with a cool house, thanks to air conditioning, we need to make sure our aging seniors are still drinking lots of water. My senior mom and I love to walk when she feels up to it. Because of summer heat, we've been going out in the early evening, usually after the sun is down. Thanks to the delta breezes in Roseville CA, it's usually very nice temperatures. Even then, she can get a bit thirsty on the walk so we usually take a water bottle for her. She rarely drinks it, but occasionally we've been really glad we had it!


 I love flowers and this water pitcher is as much lovely home decor as it is practical via Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent and blogger

I read an interesting, albeit technical, article on dehydration and the elderly at the NIH and basicall it seems to be that as our loved ones age, their body doesn't work as well so they need water more but tend to drink it less. Thus we definitely need to keep our eyes open for signs they aren't getting enough water. And keep plenty of water handy for them to drink at a temperature they prefer. Some days my senior mom loves water from the fridge so we always have bottles or water pitchers chilling there. Other times, she hates it. So then it's tap water all the way. She keeps plastic water bottles by her constantly. But I still have to check. Even though they are there, she still may not remember to drink as often as she should.

Bottom line, lots of prayer – monitoring – and encouraging to keep drinking. And again, I'm really glad she has her alert pendant around her neck. It's my backup to all my other backups for both my beloved seniors to help them stay safe while aging in place in their own homes! 

Bay Alarm Medical is sharing the dangers of elderly seniors dehydration issues this summer and giving away free bottles for water

P.S. Bay Alarm Medical has a fun offer for us! Leave a comment below with your suggestions, thoughts and tips on this topic. The first 4 commenters will get a free water bottle similar to the ones in the photos above mailed to them by Bay Alarm Medical by the end of August. (I'll email you for your address so it's not online 🙂 ) This water bottle is a Clean Bottle, BPA free, and unscrews at both ends so no chance of mold! Very cool! Mega thanks to Bay Alarm Medical for this fun idea AND for the great reminder to make sure all our beloved elderly, who are aging in place in their own home or with family, are getting plenty of water to drink during the hot summer and throughout the year!  



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California palm tree with this lovely west Roseville home via Kaye Swain Real Estate AgentI have sweet kids and kids-in-law. I have a passel of grandkids I dote on, mostly from a distance nowadays. Plus my senior mom lives with me. Over the years I've had up to four generations living under my roof at one time. Nowadays, it's only two generations (my senior mom) and visits from the two other generations. They don't live with me, but I still want to have room for them when they come. Thus the two of us live in a three bedroom home with two bathrooms. And it has some great aging in place options including plenty of grab bars and accessible doors and hallways.

I don't have to househunt for us anymore but I still am constantly on the prowl, looking for those great multigenerational and aging in place options. This time, though, it's for my great real estate clients along with sharing interesting and useful ideas I spot with each of you, my dear readers. 

And yes! I do have a lovely home to spotlight in one of my virtural home tours. Over in West Roseville, CA there is a lovely 5 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, 3 car garage home. That 3 full bathroom is vital, which is why I wrote it that way. It means that even if it's a two-story home, which it is, the downstairs bathroom WILL be a full bathroom. And if there is a den/bedroom, which there is, you then have a bedroom and full bathroom combo for an elderly senior. Always a good thing to look for.

Another lovely bedroom in this house for sale in West Roseville-call Kaye Swain real estate agent for details

That gives families who are searching for homes for sale for themselves AND an elderly parent or two a good option. My senior mom and I have lived in a couple of those over the years and they've worked well. I always made sure there was a laundry room downstairs for her sake because – believe it or not – she actually LOVES doing laundry. If your senior parent could care less and you don't mind doing their laundry, then you could easily go with an up OR down laundry room. And may I say, those stairs make great FREE exercisers. I gained 5 pounds when I moved to a house with no stairs!

Great entry and private downstairs bathroom in West Roseville California-via REALTOR Kaye Swain

The nice thing about a multigenerational home being two stories is that it also gives some privacy separation, which can be a very good thing for keeping things peaceful. That definitely worked well for my own nuclear family when it was just mom, dad and the kids. It's even more useful, and needed, when it's parents, grandparents and kids. If it gets to noisy for the seniors, they can rest in their own room. The kids can head upstairs to read, do homework, etc. And all can get together to eat dinner in the huge great room / kitchen combo.

West Roseville home has gorgeous countertops and backsplash via Kaye Swain California real estate agent

OR there is also a formal living room AND formal dining room area.

The ambience of this delightful home in West Roseville CA is grand-Kaye Swain real estate agent

If twas me, I would probably set the front space as the formal dining room for those who prefer things a bit quieter with a table in the kitchen for the kids and those of us who tend to be a little bit louder (yes, sigh, that includes me – as my grandkids delight in and my senior mom occasionally and very sweetly points out. wink ) However y'all want to do it, in a house this size, you definitely would have the space to do it in. Looking at homes with higher square footage gives you more space for a bit more privacy for each of you. And generally speaking, two story houses are usually less expensive per squre foot than single story as they use less of the "foot print" of the whole property. Sweet!

According to the SacBee, "In 2005, the average lot size in the Sacramento region was approximately 7,500 square feet. Last year, the average lot size was less than 6,500 square feet, a reduction of almost 15 percent." Many of the brand new homes in West Roseville have even smaller lot sizes. But there are many homes in Roseville with larger lots, like this lovely home which has a generous 7,693 square foot lot. And those homes that are a few years older are often fully landscaped – many even have cement patios like this one. A lot of families are looking at the brand new homes a couple of miles further down the road, and they are, indeed, gorgeous as well. There are some outstanding multigenerational and aging in place options there too. But it is nice to see the back yard grass, cement, and sprinkler system are already installed. Also, you're a bit closer to existing stores, schools, and businesses. It's closer to the freeway onramps. And this particular neighborhood was built by Signature Homes around 2001 which means there is plenty of lovely and mature landscaping to provide shade in the summer and lovely colors in autumn and spring. It's also a good distance away from a couple of industrial plants that can occasionally concern some. 

This West Roseville CA home has a back yard to relax in after work via Kaye Swain Real Estate Agent

This particular beauty is no longer on the market but there are many other 5 bedroom homes in West Roseville that are ready and waiting for just the right buyer to make just the right offer and move in as soon as escrow has closed. If you have multigenerational needs and are looking in West Roseville – or you just want a big house in Sacramento or Placer County – I'd love to help you. Give me a call, text, or email me and let's get going! 

P.S. Click here to see several 5 bedroom homes for sale in the West Roseville, CA 95747 area – and click here for a link to all houses with 3 or more bedrooms for sale in the same area. 🙂