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My prayer for the United States - leaders and all - to follow Jesus - the LIGHT of the world - on this patriotic holiday and beyondTis the season! No, it's not time for jingle bells. It's time for a Patriotic Holiday full of FIREWORKS and patriotic music FUN. Which I enjoy, as do my grandkids. But the granddogs aren't so fond of them and even my senior mom occasionally gets a bit nervous if there are very loud ones near by. So I just keep reminding her it's almost Independence Day and if it were to really bother her, I'd have her keep music or her TV on more often. So far, it's been fairly quiet but I suspect this week it will get a bit noisier each day. How about you?

And, as far as taking her out to see any fireworks, she hasn't wanted to do that for years. She and my dad used to live in Hawaii (The climate was great for his Parkinson's Disease so he could keep walking and active all year. It was a real blessing!). They enjoyed fireworks over the water many times during their stay there. But once they were back on the mainland, she was just not that keen. She has very VERY good hearing and the snap crackle and pop get to her.

When the grandkids are in town, I often enjoy watching fireworks with them and that's a real treat. But when they are off visiting friends or family, I usually just watch a few on TV or YouTube while working on real estate projects and then call it a night. If you're in the same situation, or perhaps caregiving is keeping you close to home, here is a grand 30 minute video for both of us as well as our senior parents. I bet even my mom will like it – no noise – just lots of grand patriotic music  by U.S. Military Bands. 

Weren't those lovely! And didn't you enjoy the rousing patriotic music. That's actually my favorite part of any patriotic holiday. It's so stirring! A delightful time for a delightful week. Have a blessed and beautiful and SAFE holiday – in OR out of the Sandwich Generation. 🙂 

P.S. Want to listen to even more patriotic music during this holiday week – some with and some without fireworks? Cick here to find my patriotic music playlist at YouTube. 🙂 

Fun for boomer and senior grandparents in OR out of the Sandwich Generation at the Grand Social