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Geraniums used to be favorites of my senior mom for gardening projects

Spring is definitely in the air, along with plenty of chores for homeowners everywhere. And for those of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for the elderly parents and relatives near and far, that can include supervising repairs at our own home AND that of our senior parents.

Some things to think about include:

When the Sandwich Generation issues of caring for the elderly parents including their real estate needs - that can include their tools

  1. Are any of your senior parents gardening tools needing repair or replacement?
  2. Heater and furnace and air conditioner check up and repair – if you didn't do it in the winter, it's time. And even if you did, many companies recommend twice a year checkups.
  3. Rain gutters cleaned out
  4. Chips in the concrete that may need some repair work
  5. Any leaks in the roof
  6. Do they need any light bulbs replaced – inside or out?
  7. Any wild and crazy plant growth that needs to be cut back to make for safer walking for our senior parents
  8. Any touch up painting needed?
  9. Are all their appliances working OK?

Hydrangeas are delightful for easy landscaping designs when caring for the elderly parents real estate needs

If you live nearby, it's easy to deal with these issues. But what about if your senior parents don't live nearby? If they don't know a repair person/gardener who can help them, some good resources for help include:

  • Call their church – or a local nearby church – and ask for referrals
  • Call their neighbors and ask for suggestions 
  • Check with a good referral site – I've been really blessed by

Got any other suggestions for all of us in the Sandwich Generation, caring for the real estate needs of our elderly parents as well as ourselves? We'd love to hear. 

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves landscaping designs with lots of flowers like these lovely dark pink ones

P.S. I'm linking this up some excellent and fun resources. Sweet Shot Tuesday, by My3Boybarians, has plenty of tips to help us with our easy to use digital camera as we have fun taking photos of landscaping designs, homes, and grandkids! And for some great, and often vintage, home decor and accessories and ideas – from the kitchen to the yard, be sure to visit Rednesday for RED ideas and Pink Saturday for PINK things galore!

The Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and their real estate needs have much to be thankful for including this cute fall scarecrow clip art

It’s Thankful Thursday at SandwichINK Real Estate Info. A time to share the things we are thankful for this week – on the web, in our communities, and with our families. Here’s my list. I’d love to read yours – just leave it in the comments or link up and I’ll pop over to visit. 🙂

I’m thankful for the fun we’ve had with the Mammoth Sunflower seeds and other varieties my grandchildren and I planted to grow a Sunflower House.  It’s been so intriguing and the fun keeps going on!

I am so thankful for the fun we have had this year with the Sunflower House - it added sweet spice to our landscaping designs - fun for our senior and grandchildren gardening projects - and now will be great food for the Kentucky birds

I’m thankful for the Kentucky butterflies, birds, and critters in our yard that encourage my senior mom as she is busy with her gardening and provide us with great learning activities for grandparents and their grandchildren as we learn more about them from THEIR playing with and munching on the Sunflower House. After we put a couple of the beautiful yellow flowers on our pile of logs, we found the remains to indicate that a squirrel or some birds had enjoyed a yummy and healthy snack. 🙂

I am thankful the Kentucky Red Northern Cardinal birds and the squirrels are enjoying the Mammoth Sunflower seeds from the Sunflower House activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

I’m thankful  for the tiny hints of Fall that we’re seeing – in some of the leaves that are starting to change color, in the Sunflowers, and in the cooler nights – hooray. :) My thoughts are definitely turning to ideas for autumn art activities for grandparents and their grandchildren to enjoy creating some intriguing autumn country home decor such as centerpieces and wreaths. SO fun! 

As this autumn leaves clipart reminds us - fall is coming complete with pumpkins activities for our grand kids and updating needs for our senior parents landscaping designs

I’m thankful for all of you in the Sandwich Generation who caring for elderly parents – including helping them with their real estate needs, as well as helping with the grandchildren.  And I’m thankful for Greg's General Store for hosting Thankful Thursday today to encourage us all, Fertilizer and Flaunt Your Flowers Friday to remind us to stay on top of all our boomer and senior home landscaping designs and gardening chores, and My3Boybarians for Sweet Shot Tuesday next week – full of delightful photos and great tips to help us save all these fun family memories with our easy to use digital camera

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