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Have you ever dropped something small behind in a tight spot? Or perhaps down a sink? You can see it but you can't reach it? For that matter, how about your elderly parents? Since they often have a more limited range of motion, it may not even be as far behind something for them to have a hard time reaching it. And if you don't live close, or are at work, it can be extra frustrating for all of you. 

My senior mom and I had a situation like that recently, when we dropped something tiny down a long pipe. I stopped by Home Depot and found the coolest tool for just that occasion. A General Tools Lighted Mechanical Pick-up

This reacher grabber works great

It is a long pole with a push button at one end 

The top portion of these disability aids is where you push to use the grabber

and a little light and a little claw at the other end.

The bottom of this disability equipment has a light and the actual grabber

You stick it into the tight spot your item disappeared into. Using the light, you find the item, push the button and grab it up with the claw. Release the button,and, voila'! You have your item. 

These daily living aids are great but might be difficult for elderly parents with Parkinson's symptoms

It's not perfect for all elderly parents, of course. For those who have Parkinson's symptoms or other heath issues that cause their hands to shake, it might be more frustrating than useful. But for those, like my senior mom, who are still quite active but just can't get down as easy as they used to, they make a very useful tool around the house! This is one tool that will be sticking around our house for a long time! 🙂

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