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It's raining, it's snowing, the sun is shining, it's snow flurries – and all within the last seven days. Not only that, but the temperatures have been doing the "bunny hop" from 30 to 10 to 40 and back to 30! The weather can't seem to make up its mind around here. Definitely not boring, that's for sure! My senior mom is missing her gardening, but staying busy enjoying her little Kentucky birds who are visiting more and more as she keeps providing more and more bird seed.

Too much snow for senior gardening but we are so glad our heater is handling it and keeping my aging mom and myself toasty warm

I'm so glad we got the home heating – furnace tune up service scheduled before the storms started hitting, one after another. The furnace seemed to be running fine, but since we have a package with the company that provides for a furnace troubleshooting tune up every six months, we gave them a call to come out and check. And they discovered something was wrong – something that could have caused the unit to fail at the most inopportune time! I was so grateful they were able to make the necessary heater repair within a couple of days! And now…

Hooray! Our electric furnaces problem is fixed, and it has stayed busy running a LOT for the last few weeks. But what if we hadn't checked it and it had gone out when I wasn't around to help! It would have been quite difficult for my senior mom to handle that. And what about our elderly parents and relatives who don't live near us? 

Winter snow is falling on some of my favorite trees - ones that have provided so much delightful shade to grandparents and grandchildren through the year

It's not too late if you want to take a peek at their home furnace equipment or have a company come out for one of those furnace and heating tune up and troubleshooting service  checkups. Might even be a good time for a furnace cleaning call. Caring for the elderly parents in our family often means thinking three steps ahead of problems and catching them before it happens, doesn't it! And the peace of mind you will experience when something gets caught BEFORE it breaks feels so good!