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Ginourmous hydrangea leaves shade cute pink flowers for my senior moms gardening activities - ipMy nearby grandkids just returned from a looooooong visit to see their far away cousins. My senior mom and I realllllllllly missed them. But, I have to confess, we also got a lot of necessary things done around the home that we'd been putting off – like cleaning the attics, organizing the garage, and even getting ahead with some "behind the bloggy scenes" work.

But OHHHHHH, how we missed them! And HOW LOVELY to hear them say, "Grandmas – we missed you SOOOOO much!" Music to a grandma's ears, that's for SURE! 🙂

Their great-grandma couldn't wait to show them how their plants and her plants were all doing!

They've gotten to come over every day this week while their parents get caught up on some of their own chores. So my to do list has grown but it's well worth it for all the hugs and cuddles we're enjoying.

We implemented a homemade version of a "Slip N Slide" with painter's plastic, thanks to the timely advice of a beloved niece. That, combined with our puddle pool and a sprinkler, kept them cool and my mom and me as well – courtesy of the mist that wafted our way.

Painters plastic - wading pool - sprinkler - and hose - equal fun in the sun for our whole Sandwich Generation family   ip

Of course, we made sure to put the plastic strips and pool in different spots each day as well as putting them up each night to protect the grass.

Where Sandwich Generation bloggers create - anywhere they are caregiving including the back yard with the grandkids and senior mom ane her lovely gardening activities   ip

And would you believe, I even got to handwrite the rough draft for this article while sitting outside, enjoying the grandkids at play and the flowers from my senior mom's gardening activities surrounding me. I do love being able to make blogging somewhat portable – though my laptop was safely inside away from all the water. 🙂

Where Bloggers Create 2013 - including those of us in the Sandwich Generation working in various rooms of our homes - including outdoor rooms

By the by, speaking of where I was blogging this week – it's time for one of my favorite blog events, Where Bloggers Create. As a busy member of the Sandwich Generation, you'll find me blogging everywhere. But some of the bloggers who join in this fun party have set spots that are absolutely GORGEOUS! I always enjoy looking through the various spots in their homes where they go to create. Sometimes I just enjoy the yummy "eye candy." Other times, I take notes to try to implement a craft or decor idea here at home with the grandkids. Do pop over and enjoy it as well. And have a lovely week! Full of lovely home decor and plenty of pink!


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