My prayer for the United States - leaders and all - to follow Jesus - the LIGHT of the world - on this patriotic holiday and beyondTis the season! No, it's not time for jingle bells. It's time for a Patriotic Holiday full of FIREWORKS and patriotic music FUN. Which I enjoy, as do my grandkids. But the granddogs aren't so fond of them and even my senior mom occasionally gets a bit nervous if there are very loud ones near by. So I just keep reminding her it's almost Independence Day and if it were to really bother her, I'd have her keep music or her TV on more often. So far, it's been fairly quiet but I suspect this week it will get a bit noisier each day. How about you?

And, as far as taking her out to see any fireworks, she hasn't wanted to do that for years. She and my dad used to live in Hawaii (The climate was great for his Parkinson's Disease so he could keep walking and active all year. It was a real blessing!). They enjoyed fireworks over the water many times during their stay there. But once they were back on the mainland, she was just not that keen. She has very VERY good hearing and the snap crackle and pop get to her.

When the grandkids are in town, I often enjoy watching fireworks with them and that's a real treat. But when they are off visiting friends or family, I usually just watch a few on TV or YouTube while working on real estate projects and then call it a night. If you're in the same situation, or perhaps caregiving is keeping you close to home, here is a grand 30 minute video for both of us as well as our senior parents. I bet even my mom will like it – no noise – just lots of grand patriotic music  by U.S. Military Bands. 

Weren't those lovely! And didn't you enjoy the rousing patriotic music. That's actually my favorite part of any patriotic holiday. It's so stirring! A delightful time for a delightful week. Have a blessed and beautiful and SAFE holiday – in OR out of the Sandwich Generation. 🙂 

P.S. Want to listen to even more patriotic music during this holiday week – some with and some without fireworks? Cick here to find my patriotic music playlist at YouTube. 🙂 

Fun for boomer and senior grandparents in OR out of the Sandwich Generation at the Grand Social


Multigenerational caregiving families can come in a variety of sizes and combinations. My senior mom and I are a small "multigenerational family" always looking for ways to ensure we have plenty of aging in place options for my mom and great caregiving options to help her and me along the way.
This is a cute home for aging in place options


At one point, right after my grand-twins were born with health issues, their family moved in with us. Then we were a BIG Roseville California "multigenerational family" of four generations. A "multigenerational family" could mean a grandchild and a grandparent…or a nephew and aunt…or a niece and great-aunt…or two friends of different generations who are helping care for one or for each other….and the list goes on. 


When I lived in one home for 17 years, my kids had FOUR sets of "adopted grandparents" in the wonderful neighbors who lived there. And those sweet senior neighbors gained extra eyes and hands when they needed help along with tons of hugs from my kids and us. It was a great extended "family." Yesterday, we listened to a class on "thinking outside the box" at my Keller Williams real estate brokerage and boy, multigenerational caregiving and helping is such a great example of that, isn't it?


Of course, with those different extended family and caregiver scenarios come a variety of different needs in a home and yard. You might think  "get a single-story home. That will solve the whole problem." But I looked at two single story homes today. One would not be very practical for a multigenerational family with an elderly relative. It was gorgeous. But it had a sunken living room. I know ME! I'm sure I'd manage to forget and trip on that at least once….maybe even once a month! 🙂 I'd get busy, focus on my paperwork or sending a text, and whap. Most likely I'd just end up with a bit of an embarrassed smile. But if my senior mom lived there and forgot, which she easily could, she could end up in the hospital like a good friend of ours is right now. As much as I love the concept of sunken living rooms – they're really cute – I would probably not recommend them to boomers and seniors who want good aging in place options,especially with elderly relatives visiting or living with them.

The second house I looked at offered great possiblities for an extended family situation. It has been beautifully updated with a gorgeous, restful decor. One of the bathrooms has my favorite kind of shower for anyone and especially for elderly seniors – easy access and benches to sit on. 

Kaye Swain REALTOR recommends showers with benches to help elderly senior parents.jpg

There are three bedrooms and a den that could easily be another good-sized bedroom with the addition of an armoir. More "thinking outside the box" that is quite handy for flexible living arrangements.

An armoire can be a big help for those caring for elderly parents and needing to turn a room into a bedroom

And there's a laundry room that should be able to handle whatever size washer and dryer you might have. Always a good thing for an extended family with lots of laundry. In our last home, we had to keep the laundry area's folding doors open all the time because the extra large washer was a bit too big for the space. On those occasions when all the grandkids were visiting or my senior mom was recuperating from a surgery, that big washing machine was worth its weight in gold. It definitely was great to have – even with the open door in the midst of the living room/dining room area. Still a laundry room with this kind of space would definitely be handy for oversized and much needed laundry appliances.

A nice size laundry room that can hold a large washer dryer is a big help for a multigenerational family

And, of course, I always give the back yard a good check out – if you have kids or grandkids, you really appreciate a nice play area like this one – with plenty of room for a nice big swing set. 

A great play-set for the grandkids or a multigenerational family


These are some of the vital things I look for in a home for my own multigenerational family to provide us with plenty of aging in place options for my senior mom, as well as recommend to my real estate clients. How about you? Can you add anything to my list? We'd love to hear.


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