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Some interesting, fun, and encouraging real estate info for the Sandwich Generation from Twitter this week!

  1. @HousingReporter reports good news about our ability to sell a home fast: July home sales improve in Pinellas County (Tampa Bay, Florida); Ottawa home sales have jumped 11.5%, and Baltimore-area home sales have risen in July as well! Hooray! Now if we can just spur on California and other sluggish areas!
  2. Are you or an aging parent once again house buyers? Or perhaps looking at investment properties? Here’s a good article on mortgage rate locks and how to avoid problems with them –
  3. @Nerdnews found an intriguing article at LifeHacker. The Trap Door Desk would be a great way to help conserve space if quarters are getting tight after aging parents and/or grandkids have moved in to your house, and room additions are not a viable option.
  4. For all you Sandwich Generation business owners, Paul Chaney has another book, The Digital Handshake: Seven Proven Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Social Media, coming out and you can download the 8th chapter on Social Media for free. It deals with social networks and is titled Social Networks Strengthen Your Social Graph. It looks like this book, coming out soon, is as interesting and useful as his book, Realty Blogging: Build Your Brand and Out-Smart Your Competition, which I have underlined like you wouldn’t believe!
  5. This is a duplicate tweet from SandwichINK because I felt it was vital to both sites. 🙂 Alzheimer's Caregiving: Home Safety Per @mike_gamble
  6. Last, but definitely not least, How to Grow Your Own Living House. This is TOO COOL!!! Not sure my adult kids would want to do this, but wouldn’t the grandkids love it! 🙂

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Are you in the midst of helping your aging parents find house buyers for their home? Or is that, perhaps, coming up soon? Then again, perhaps you are trying to sell your own empty house from a distance, along with caregiving, grandparenting, and all the other duties familiar to those of us in the Sandwich Generation?

In March, I shared some helpful tips for caregivers in the Sandwich Generation over at SandwichINK. They are things I’ve learned when trying to sell my house in the past, as well as those I learned while recently working through the process from a distance. In all but one of the transactions I was a caregiver dealing with aging parents and grandkids, so it’s a topic I know up close and personal.

Check out the article, 9 Tips for Caregivers Selling a House From a Distance, to read the entire article and find out more information about such topics as:

  • Why it’s important to be sure you have a good real estate agent.
  • Ideas for staging the house.
  • Ways to keep it looking extra spiffy for buyers.
  • Tips to make it shine brighter for buyers.
  • How neighbors can be a big help.
  • Fly-away flyers – the disappearing brochures.
  • Are flower pots always a good idea at the front entrance?

For more on these tips about how to sell an important property investment more easily and others, enjoy 9 Tips for Caregivers Selling a House From a Distance.

While you’re there, you might also enjoy taking a peek around at other posts of interest to those in the Sandwich Generation. SandwichINK covers fun projects with grandkids as well as important information to help you in providing excellent senior home care to your aging parents. Coupled with encouragement and ideas for making the caregiver’s life a bit easier, SandwichINK is a great place for the Sandwich Generation, and SandwichINK Real Estate Info is a great place for the Sandwich Generation caregiver dealing with property investment.