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The weather isn't totally cooperating, but we have had plenty of sunny moments in and around the rainy ones. My senior mom and the grandsons got some sunflowers started in the garage for this year's gardening version of the Sunflower House. Last year's Sunflower house was a square. This year we're going to look outside the box and make a jungle houses version with sunflowers all through our square. Should be quite interesting and quite delightful for our landscaping designs, not to mention being fun and physical senior citizen and grandkid activities

This cute country bird house clipart is a fun illustration of the Sandwich Generation staying close to home

And no matter what the weather, my senior mom is thoroughly enjoying all the lovely Kentucky birds, including several lovely Northern Cardinal birds. She's still thinking of a hummingbird house, but in this weather, I think we'll stick with the cute country bird house clipart above for another month or so.  🙂  How about you? Have your boomer and senior gardening plans started or is the weather holding you back as well? And whether rain is holding you back or not, we can all enjoy some online floral delights at Rednesday – just click here. 🙂