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My senior mom and I are settling in to our new surroundings. There are so many new things we are enjoying – gorgeous autumn leaves in new and equally vibrant colors, a single story house that has more even temperatures since we no longer have to deal with heat rising and the upstairs being really hot while the downstairs is pretty chilly, a lush yard full for beautiful new-to-us plants and more.

There are also new challenges – like a remote control so different my senior mom is having a hard time learning it.


We bought a big button remote for her at Walgreens and it worked great except I forgot to make sure it works with DVRs – which it didn't. So it is now sitting behind the TV in case the main one is ever misplaced.



Then I bought a big button one by RCA at Target. It was a bit trickier to program but once I got the codes right, it worked great – except for two little details.

If we selected MENU it opened the whole menu instead of just the DVR menu she was used to seeing. So I typed up directions to hit MENU, OK, OK which then put her in her fave menu page.

That helped a little but even though it was a bit easier than the one that came with our system it was still frustrating for her to remember the new keys. I would get mixed up too but could easily fix my mistakes. She had a much harder time doing that and if I was gone, she would often just give up.

Finally I headed for Amazon where I was relieved to see our old familiar remote pop up first thing when I typed in the words –  its brand name AND remote. It's due to arrive Monday and if it works with our set up she should be as happy as a clam! Me, too, for that matter!

How about you? Have you found any great multi-device remotes that are senior friendly? We'd love to hear about them!