Real Estate to the annual Caregiving Holiday Progressive Blog Party 2014. I've enjoyed participating in this for the past few years with my blog, SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation refers to those who are caring for elderly parents while raising children or helping with grandkids. It's also commonly called multigenerational caregiving.

This year, I joined in with SandwichINK's "sister" blog, SandwichINK Real Estate Info. For those visiting from the blog party, I'd like to introduce myself to you. I'm a caregiver, a grandmother, and a REALTOR with Keller Williams in Roseville California specializing in helping fellow boomers and seniors with their real estate, aging in place, and multigenerational needs. As a result, real estate is definitely top of mind for me this year, and multigenerational real estate is also on the tip of my and many other agents' tongues as it is once again growing in popularity, with many elderly parents moving in with their kids, or vice versa.

My senior mom lives with me, plus I also help another beloved senior living long distance. I used to have one set of grandkids nearby and another long distance. This past year, God has moved us all around and now both sets are long distance. That definitely leads to new challenges, but also new solutions to share with my readers and clients.


In addition to these blogs, you can also find great resources at my Facebook pages including SandwichINK for the Sandwich GenerationPinterest, and Twitter. Being a tech-savvy writer and REALTOR, I love to make good use of social media tools to help you with a wide variety of needs from caregiving ideas to aging in place suggestions to how to help our elderly parents with their real estate needs.

And, what would a party be without party favors? 

First, here's a cool party favor I RECEIVED from the very sweet Denise Brown last week. Doesn't it make a lovely decoration for the eparty.


And for you – I have a couple of coloring pages to share with your kids or grandkids that can also be enjoyed by many of our beloved elderly.



Christian Christmas encouragement  from Kaye Swain Roseville CA caregiver grandmother and REALTOR for multigenerational caregivers with this cute coloring page for grandkids and elderly seniors

I also have a contest for an Amazon gift card for $10 to use on encouraging music, books, etc. Just leave a comment below and answer the question "What is my favorite AGING IN PLACE suggestion" and I will pick the winner in a random drawing at the end of the blog party – the cut-off time will be Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 9 p.m. And if you are not sure what aging in place options are available, they include grab bars in the bathrooms (maybe other rooms too), wide doorways and sidewalks to accomodate walkers and wheelchairs, zero or one-step entry into the house to avoid stairs that elderly may fall on, wheelchair ramps into the house, etc. 🙂 

Thank you again for visiting SandwichINK Real Estate Info and do have a lovely and blessed Christmas. Be sure to enjoy more of the Holiday Progressive Blog Party and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Kaye Swain Roseville CA REALTOR caregiver and grandmother invites you to join in on the Caregiving Holiday Blog Party


Hooray! Spring is springing, leaves are greening, and buds are blooming. It's one of my two favorite seasons of the year! It's a great time to take the grandkids for a scooter ride around the block, do some spring cleaning in the house, and, perhaps, have a chat with our elderly parents about simplifying their landscaping designs to make it easier for them to care for.  🙂

Spring is great for talking with elderly parents about simplifying their landscaping designs

For that matter, it's a good time for us to look at what's going on in all of our Sandwich Generation families, assess our current and probable future situation, and decide if we need to make any changes to our own landscaping designs.

When my dad was in hospice and one of my daughters was going through a difficult pregnancy, the roses didn't get trimmed and the fruit trees didn't get picked. For one year, it wasn't too bad, but it did add a bit of extra stress. If it looks like things might be a little more busy than normal this year, simpler landscaping designs can help de-stress our lives just a bit.

For more great photos of gorgeous spring views, delightful green landscaping designs, daffodils, grandkids, and more, check out Moomettes Magnificents , 5MinutesForMom, and Shak and Jill.

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