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My senior mom and I are finally getting settled after moving two states over. It's definitely been a challenge but Kentucky is beautiful, our new neighbors are great, and I'm finally starting to get through some of my piles. I have even survived my first experience watching "Bambi" cross the road! For a city girl, that was a major shock and you can bet I'm watching extra carefully as I drive. 🙂

Country house buyers and renters should prepare to share the road with deer

I've set up my new health, auto, and rental property insurance. Did you know they probably all have to be changed if you move to another state, even if you stay with the same company! That was definitely a time-consuming shock to the system. And when you are taking care of aging parents' affairs, Medicare health insurance for seniors has its own requirements and needs! It's definitely vital to plan on some serious time spent working on all these projects when you move!

My senior mom handled the move like a trooper though even she admits it was a bit exhausting during the process. I was able to do all the house hunting and apartment hunting myself before we moved which saved her quite a bit of stress and strain. In addition, it really helped that we were able to move directly from one rental home to another without having to live in temporary housing for a month or so as many people do when they relocate. While that's often a necessity, if you can avoid it with aging parents it will usually make a smoother transition for each of you.

How about you? Have you had to live in temporary housing with a senior parent? How did they do? How did you do? 🙂

As always, Twitter has some great resources for those of us in the Sandwich Generation who are involved in property investing: Here’s a handy site – a mailbox finder. It can help you find a mailbox to drop the mail off in an area you are unfamiliar with – where an aging relative lives, where you are planning to relocate to, etc. This looks like a good site for apartment hunting if you are relocating to be closer to aging parents. Speaking of apartment hunting as well as house hunting, here are some great hi-tech tips from LifeHacker. Oh my – if your aging parent's home is standing vacant, keep a close watch on it! Here’s some good real estate news! The 10 strongest U.S. housing markets – Handy to know if you are looking for a good place to relocate to.

US new home sales up sharply. That’s good news, too, though I’m not sure all are seeing it in their locales. My family isn’t, on either coast. How about you?  Per @HousingReporter

If you or your aging parent is trying to sell a home fast by owner, please be sure to take extra precautions and be alert at all times. This article relates the sad tale of a fake real estate agent who got into a house under false pretenses. So far, it doesn’t look like he did anything, but then again… Helpful pointers on how to grandchild-proof your home from one of my favorite real estate Twitter resources –  @blogboy. This verse is PERFECT for those dealing with real estate – in any manner!  Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Some great reminders and tips for our aging parents, college-bound older kids, and even ourselves about rental property insurance! Thanks to @MonroeOnABudget One last bit of housekeeping. I am adding this site to Technorati, who would like me to add this intriguing bit of code to my site. So just for you, Technorati, because we do appreciate you VERY much. 6WAMP6SAP4UF That’s it for now, y’all. Have a great week! 🙂