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PINK Welcome Garden Plaque Butterfly Yard Art

Welcome, indeed, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pink Saturday. Over at SandwichINK, I've gussied up inside the house, just for you, and you're invited there as well. Here at SandwichINK Real Estate Info, I got an early start and the focus is on PINK outdoor lawn and garden decor, starting with the lovely pink butterfly garden decor in the welcome greeting above, in honor of it being PINK SATURDAY's THIRD BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday From the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny

Since my senior mom and I are busy with gardening projects focusing on the Sunflower House, a butterfly garden, and bringing a Roseville California favorite rose – my brand new and already beloved Mr Lincoln Rose, which always has the most fragrant roses, I decided to incorporate those ala PINK for the party!

These butterfly garden stakes make a lovely addition to your outdoor garden decor

After all, some pink butterfly garden stakes are a lovely way to greet guests and lead them to the front door. Especially the taller metal butterflies on garden stakes that can hold plants!

Lovely large butterfly stakes like these can even hold senior gardening projects - perfect as gifts for the elderly gardeners in your family

In the back yard, you'll find FLOWERS – lovely pink flowers everywhere. Would you believe it, Burpee even has the first rose-pink Sunflower varieties – perfect for little girls Sunflower Houses to be the windows in between the taller Mammoth Sunflower varieties. I have to admit, I think they look more maroon myself, but still quite purty.

The first of the sunflower varieties that is PINK - delightful for little grandgirls sunflower houses

And wouldn't they look lovely intermixed with these pink flowers on a butterfly bush plant!

Lovely pink flowers on these lilac butterfly bush plants - great for those who want to create a butterfly garden

Oh my, what do you think of these adorable pink Pentas in Burpee's Butterfly Sparkles mix in your garden? I love the name as much as I love the flowers and I know my senior mom's decorative butterflies are going to like them as well as they flit around her gardening projects. Perfect for PINK landscaping designs, don't you think?

Pink Pentas - butterfly sprinkles - lovely to add to a butterfly garden

But now, it's time to head for the front door. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS TO BEVERLY and PINK SATURDAY. It's definitely been PINK-a-licious!  And don't forget to pop over to  SandwichINK for some yummy pink cake and other fun things to bring a sweet smile to the Sandwich Generation.