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We had a lovely few days last week. My senior mom and I made some minor tweaks to our landscaping designs by updating last year's Sunflower House – planning to grow more Mammoth sunflowers and other sunflower seed varieties. We added butterfly bush plant for my senior mom's plans to create a mini-butterfly garden. And I'm also looking forward to growing a Mr Lincoln rose bush – it was always one of my favorite choices for my rose gardens in Roseville, California.

Growing one of the lovely mr lincoln rose bushes is a delight as they are truly one of the most fragrant rose bushes

It is truly one of the most fragrant rose bushes available, as well as being such lovely red roses, and I've missed having any in the last couple of years!  What a joy when the weather was good and we felt we could really get started on these gardening projects.

My senior mom suggested wood logs around the Sunflower House and butterfly garden to protect them from the lawn more - GREAT IDEA

Here it is. It's not large, but it is pretty. And it's nice for my senior mom as a gardening project. She can easily water everything at once even on days she doesn't feel as perky. That's something that's really important to her!  🙂   We got it all in, enjoyed a little bit of peaceful sunny weather. And then…the storms returned!

Can you believe the noise from the wind! The storms returned, with more predicted. So now our big question, how will our little senior gardening project do. We shall see. 🙂  I'll definitely keep you posted! 

P.S. If you'd like more information so you can create your own butterfly garden – two good resources are Attracting Butterflies & Hummingbirds to Your Backyard: Watch Your Birds Butterflies and Flowers Garden Come Alive With Beauty on the Wing, a Rodale Organic Gardening Book – one of my grandfather's favorite publishing companies, and the Stokes Butterfly Garden Book : The Complete Guide to Butterfly Gardening, Identification, and Behavior