Temporary Cheap Blinds Are Handy For House Buyers

I was out and about today, virtually, visiting different websites. Smiling Sally: Blue Monday – Blue Bath had an interesting post describing her new house and the various paints they used to redecorate. As I was enjoying the photos she had posted, I noticed that, as new house buyers, they used temporary window treatments until they got their permanent window shades and blinds installed.

That reminded me of the different times we were house buyers. For our first house, over 30 years ago, they either didn't make temporary curtains or we didn't know they were available. We hung towels and blankets in the window, which was a royal pain in the neck as they kept falling off. The next house came with cheap window blinds, which we loved. They were easy to care for and cheap to replace. Very handy when you have young children in the home who may accidentally bend a shade the wrong way.

House number three was brand new and it took a couple of weeks to get the different window shades and blinds installed. That's when I first discovered those handy temporary window treatments called Redi Shades.  We purchased them from the new home's designer company and hung them in the windows, giving us the privacy and safety we appreciate in window treatments.

When it was time for me to buy my fourth house, I again used Redi Shades. This time I was out shopping at Home Depot, one of my favorite ways to save money, and discovered that I could purchase them there and save money. That's always a nice treat!

I had to chuckle when I visited the Redi Shade site and read that, "Our original pleated window shades install in less than a minute without any tools-just trim, peel, and stick! Then when you're ready to put up your permanent shades, you can remove them in a jiffy (though lots of people tell us they love them so much they never take them down!)." I have to admit that, for a couple of rooms we rarely used, I seriously considered leaving them up.  🙂

Whether you put them up as temporary window treatments because you are new house buyers or leave them up as cheap window blinds in rooms you aren't ready to pour a lot of money into, these Redi Shades are definitely very useful! They brought back a lot of fun memories as well. 🙂