Think Resale From The Get Go to Sell Your Home Fast in a Crisis

One thing I've learned to think about is to always keep in mind that someday I will need to sell my house. This is true for us AND this is true for our aging parents. In fact, at any time, any one of us may even need to sell our home fast. I have read that we should have that thought in mind even before we buy the house. With that thought at the top of our minds, we are more likely to buy with resale in mind, decorate with resale in mind, and maintain with resale in mind. Hopefully all of that will mean that we buy a house that will be easy to resell, decorate with colors and patterns that are popular or easy to recover, and stay on top of repairs,

Life doesn't always go the way we plan. Illness and aging issues can lead to a sooner-than-expected need to sell a home fast, whether your own or your aging parent's.  By keeping resale in the back of your mind at all times, you and your senior parents will be prepared even in the midst of turmoil. For the Sandwich Generation, that's a big help!