What You Need To Know About Mushrooms in Your Sandwich Generation Family’s Yards

Mushrooms are great in the kitchen, as long as they are the safe ones. My senior mom loves hers, but buys them safely in the store. In the yard, it's another matter. They all go in the trash, since we don't know which are poisonous and which aren't. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents and enjoying fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren with my young grandkids, no fences, and tiny tot neighbors, we want to be sure we have a safe environment for the little ones.

While taking a walk recently, when visiting a friend, I snapped a shot of these mushrooms growing freely next to a sidewalk! Aren't they fascinating! Unfortunately, these intriguing plants in our yards could be a safety hazard and even a legal liability.

Since the Sandwich Generation issues may include young grandchildren, removing larger mushrooms from your yard is a safety necessity

WOW! That's my foot in the right of the photo. Those mushrooms are almost as big as my size 8+ feet! Incredible!

Since some mushrooms can be poisonous and all are hard for seniors to reach - those of us caring for the elderly parents need to help our aging parents keep them out of the yard to make it safer for grankids and other neighborhood children

One thing we can do, as members of the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents, is help our beloved seniors keep their yards free of the majority of the toadstools – making it safer for the grandkids AND their legal liabilities! And also, check their personal homeowners insurance policies to ensure they are all up to date and covered in regards to their property owners liability!